Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions. This is a FAQ page, after all 😉 . This page is a work to be forever in progress, so if your question has not been answered here, please contact me.


Generally speaking, a freelancer is a self-employed person, who offers professional services without being affiliated with any company, firm, or agency; an independent contractor. In my case, I offer web and graphic design services as a supplement to my income and education. Without having the constraints involved in running a brick-and-mortar business location, i.e. overhead, payroll, and heavy mark-ups on services and goods, I can offer agency-quality design services at radically reduced rates.

Any reference to, or explanation of freelancing on this site is based on my own individual approach and what I can specifically offer as a freelancer.

First off, before you hire anyone, for anything, look into their previous work and gauge the level of service they can offer you.

A freelancer, being solitary by definition, will have a more focused workload. An employee at an agency may be juggling any number of projects at one time, whereas I will be taking on a lesser workload and will have more time to focus on individual projects. This allows for a more intensive, efficient design process, and is a major contributing factor in determining my comparatively lower rates (much lower).

Freelance rates can be lower than agency rates. Mine are. As I am not running a company, I have very little overhead and operating costs, and as such, I do not need to inflate hourly rates or add heavy mark-ups on goods and services in order to compensate. I still make a comparable wage, while you save greatly.

Full-time employment and training is costly. Training an employee in web design, graphic design, and marketing is not always feasible. An experienced freelance designer is often the more efficient, consistent, reliable choice, and can complete varied, complicated tasks independently.

All in all, you should hire a freelancer now.

You usually should hire a qualified freelancer, but there are some instances where you may not. More specifically, these are reasons not to hire me.

For example, if you need daily website updating or hosting administration, then a 9-5 agency could offer you more expedient, and consistent service than I can, as a freelancer.

Large institutions or organisations are better served by agencies as well, since such projects often involve more labour hours, numerous meetings, reviews, and general red tape. With my limited workload, and lean rates I cannot commit to projects of such depth.


Yes, most of the time, and especially on larger projects. Due to the nature of the design process, and performing custom work, projects can take form over a large time period. I typically ask for 30-50% up front, before starting work.

Final and complete payment is due upon the completion of the project. Access to finalized materials or websites is only granted after final payment.

I accept Interac E-Transfers, Paypal, Cash, Credit Card, or Cheque.

Web Design

There are a variety of things to consider when preparing to build a new website; written content, photos, pricing, etc…

For a complete downloadable checklist, please visit here.

Well, it really depends on the type of website you need, and your level of preparation. The larger the website, the longer it will take, of course. The more prepared we are with content and concept before we start the better, as it’ll allow us to work most efficiently.

But, generally speaking build times are between 2-4 weeks, given ALL content has been provided before building begins.

Yes, I do offer hosting for a limited number of clients… But, there’s a disclaimer; as a freelancer, I cannot commit to 9-5 support on a consistent basis. Please keep this in mind, if you request web hosting.

For rates, please contact me.